Zink Calls Duck Goose Hunting Canadas Gone Wild CD Goose Call

Zink Calls Duck Goose Hunting Canadas Gone Wild CD Goose Call

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CD - Canadas Gone Wild


Take your calling to the next step, 

this 39 min. digitally recorded CD captures the sounds of giant Canada geese in their natural environment 

just a few yards from the microphone. 

If you are a hardcore goose hunter, 

just the raw sound of this CD will keep you listening to it over and over again. 

Matching your calling ability against live geese is the only way to improve your "MEAT" calling skills. 

Fred Zink also includes helpful tips on calling, and reading geese to make you a better goose hunter.



This CD contains extremely close digital audio of giant and mid-sized Canada geese. 

You will hear live geese on the ground communicating amongst themselves and to incoming geese in the air.

Now is your opportunity to discover first hand the wide variety of sounds that make up the complex language of the Canada goose. 

You will not only hear the honk and cluck in an unlimited number of tones, 

you will also discover a variety of moans, double clucks, half honks, cries and spit notes. 

Also captured on audio is a very seldom heard "whistling murmur" that geese use to assemble their goslings at a young age and is a vital part of year-round goose talk.

 Learn the sounds and the rhythms of live Canadas and start Talking The Talk.