Scent Blocker Women's S3 Sola Expedition Weight Wool Shirt in Black (Size: XL)

  • $34.99

The Scent Blocker Sola Women's Expedition Weight Shirt features S3™ Silver Anti-Microbial technology 

that is exclusively developed to restrict the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

The technology also keeps garment fresh for a longer time. 

This shirt gets such quality from its Merino™ wool, which is one of the world's super performance fiber. 

The 4 Direction Stretch™ provides superior comfort, fit and freedom of movement. 

The inherent multi-directional stretch of the fabric allows to perform the movements needed to hunt while not worrying about garment binding or restrictions. 

Sola Women's Expedition Weight Shirt Features: 

Merino™ Wool

S3™ Silver Anti-Microbial Technology

Cozy Brushed Fleece Inside

4 Direction Stretch™

Action Armholes

Chest Pocket

1/4 Zip