Hatsan Model 25 SuperTACT QE Spring Piston .22 Caliber Air Rifle/Pistol Combo

  • $184.99


What sets the Model 25 SuperTact QE apart from other airguns on the market is the unmatched power it produces despite its size. Measuring under 30 inches in length, the Mod 25 SuperTact QE, with its QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and integrated sound moderator, can produce a muzzle velocity of up to 800 FPS. Shooting with lead pellets gets you up to 675 FPS which vastly increases energy upon impact and provides shooters with greater accuracy. Featuring a fully adjustable stock, that allows the airgun to change length from 26” to 29.9”and can also be removed to make it a pistol grip only, our 2-stage Quattro Trigger, and adjustable fiber optic sights.  The Model 25 SuperTact QE provides powerful performance in a compact design.



Carbine that converts to a pistol


Single-shot, break barrel

58 lbs. cocking effort

Fiber optic front sight

Fiber optic rear sight adjustable for windage & elevation

Quattro 2-stage adjustable match trigger

QuietEnergy technology

Integrated sound moderator

Anti-bear trap safety

Ergonomically designed synthetic stock

Textured grips with finger grooves and thumb rest (LH grip available upon request)

Telescoping stock: 26″ to 29.9″ long

Manual safety

Automatic cocking safety

11mm optics dovetail grooves

Max Velocity* – Lead-Free Pellets – .177 cal – 800 FPS, .22 cal – 625 FPS

Max Velocity* – Lead Pellets – .177 cal – 675 FPS, .22 cal – 500 FPS

Max Muzzle Energy** – .177 cal – 8 FPE, .22 cal – 8 FPE