Flextone Magnum Mule Deer Hunting Game Call

Flextone Magnum Mule Deer Hunting Game Call

  • $9.99

Mule deer are known for their large mule-like ears, and ou better believe those ears will perk up when the Magnum Mule Deer gets to work

The secret that sets this mule deer call aprt is its flexible body

The patented design mimics the inner tissue of a deer's throat - giving it a realistic sound unlike anything else

You'll appreciate the sounds this call makes, and the ones it doesn't

The soft body stays quiet even if it knocks into your gear or your gun

Because no one wants to be that guy who runis a hunt

Perfectly mimic buck, doe & fawn mule deer

Easily slide O-Ring for different sounds

Soft chamber adds inflection

Expandable hose varies tone & pitch

 Note: For hygiene reasons Mouth Calls may only be returned in new, unused condition.