Daisy PowerLine 426 Black Air Pistol Kit with 3 CO2 Tanks, BBs & Targets (Refurbished)

  • $31.99

The Daisy MFG 426 CO2 BB Pistol features a 20-round clip with a built-in magazine. It is constructed of durable plastic. 

The semi-automatic BB pistol is light-weight with a molded grip. It is designed for outdoor use. 


426, CO2 Semi-Automatic BB Pistol, with 20 Round Clip:

Features 20-round clip

Daisy pistol is light weight

Constructed of durable plastic

Molded grip


Built-in magazine

Reload with ease


Note: The kit includes Daisy PowerLine 426 BB pistol‚ 3 CO2 tanks/jets, 350 Daisy Steel BBs and Shooting Targets.