GPO RT1801 German Precision Optics Laser RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder (Green)

  • $349.99

The GPO RANGETRACKER™ 1800 handheld rangefinder incorporates the best optical 

and electronic technology, wrapped into a small durable multi-use rangefinding tool. 

This 6X rangefinder will work perfectly for both long-range rifle hunting (up to 1800 yards) and close archery usage (6 yards.) 

Key features of the GPO RANGETRACKER™ 1800 include a high-transmission optical system 

coated with GPO’s proprietary high transmission GPObright™ lens coatings, 

both line of sight and/or True-range™ adjusted angle distance readings, 

a Hyper-scan™ feature that provides three readings per second and Target-seeker™ technology that offers best or last laser hits. 

The display is an HCLD system that allows up to 25% more light to get through the optical system, 

making it usable in low-light situations. It’s small, compact, tough and optically brilliant. 

Let’s go hunting!

Ranging capability from 6 to over 1800 yards

True-range™ angle compensation technology

Hyper-scan™ mode provides three readings every second

6X magnification

Target-seeker™ mode for best or last laser hits

Secondary reading provides temperature or angle


Included accessories

Cleaning cloth

Hard case