Beeman Raider 3500 PSI Wood Stock PCP Air Rifle

Beeman Raider 3500 PSI Wood Stock PCP Air Rifle

  • $189.99

This quality air rifle is an amazingly affordable alternative to other high-cost PCP air rifles. 
Using compressed air as its power source, 
our pre-charged pneumatic air rifle uses no springs making it practically recoilless which makes the air rifle more accurate and much easier to use. 
There is no breaking of the barrel, you need only to pull back the bolt, load the pellet and shoot. 
The Raider PCP air rifles are very versatile, 
they are a light weight, shorter air rifle, 
which makes the air rifle much easier to carry around. 
Beeman is sure you will enjoy the unique shooting experience with our PCP air rifles.


MODEL:  1330, 1331 or 1332
ACTION:  Pre-charged Pneumatic
AMMO:  Pellets
CALIBER:  .177, .22 or .25 Caliber
LENGTH:  39.8”
WEIGHT:  5.9 lbs
VELOCITY:  1050 for .177 caliber, 900 for .22 caliber or 800 fps for .25 caliber
MAGAZINE: 12 for .177 cal, 10 for .22 cal or 9 shots for .25 cal
STOCK: Hardwood
PRESSURE: 3500 PSI with built-in gauge
COCKING: Bolt Action
NOISE: Barrel Sleeve
Noise Reduction System
Manual Safety
Fiber Optic Sights

Accessories included: 2 magazines