CenterPoint Wrath 430 Bull Pup Bullpup Compound Crossbow Package

  • $669.99

Designed for close-quarters hunting and ultimate stealth, the Wrath 430 aggressively amps up the speed, power, 

and accuracy all within the smallest crossbow CenterPoint makes. 

Whether you’ve taken up a sniper position in a tree saddle or are shifting on the fly to outfox a change in wind direction, 

this bullpup-style bow tightens your profile and keeps you nimble.


430 foot-per-second speed and 164 foot-pounds of energy power

Shoot with buck-stopping speed, power, and accuracy.

Brilliant bullpup design

With its release behind the trigger, gain the benefits of a longer power stroke—more push for more speed!

13” wide un-cocked or 9” ready to fire

Play this one close to the chest with its slim profile.

Under 28.26” long

Ingenious engineering packs professional-level power into an extra-sleek package.

Folding stirrup for field-friendly cocking and targeting

Unfold the stirrup and you’ve got rope cocking leverage or use it as a collapsible bi-pod for extra stability.

Complete accessory package

4x32mm illuminated scope

Three 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points

Detachable quiver

Rope cocker

Ball bearing retention spring

Maintain consistent arrow retention and repeatable shooting results

Anti-dry fire and auto safety

5-year limited warranty