Benjamin Marauder .25 Caliber Hardwood Wood Stock PCP Air Rifle

  • $549.99

The new Marauder goes lightweight with a new, all-weather, synthetic stock. 

Featuring an ambidextrous raised comb, it's well-balanced for carrying in the field. 

This powerful PCP air rifle offers all the features needed for pest hunting small to medium sized game. 

The choked and internally shrouded barrel provides both precision and ultra-hushed operation, 

producing the most accurate and quietest rifle in its class. 

The two-stage, adjustable, match-grade trigger system helps to make every shot smooth and steady, 

while the innovative 10-round magazine allows for fast follow-up shots. 

With the built-in pressure gauge and quick-disconnect Foster fittings, 

this gun is quick and easy to fill so you can refill and return to shooting sooner.


What's New


Hardwood stock designed and balanced with field carry in mind. 

Features an adjustable comb for a custom fit.

Moved the trigger rearward where, when combined with the redesigned stock, 

provides a more comfortable hand position.

Reversible bolt* - First built for the Marauder Pistol, it's now been adapted to the rifle. 

The "mouse hole" / bolt stud protrusion has also been eliminated for a cleaner look and to keep the action debris-free.

Simplified the breech design for assembly, service and to provide a more stable platform for larger scopes.

A 30% increase in shot count (.22 & .177).

Factory installed de-pinger changes the sharp "ping" to a dull thud resulting in a less-perceived noise level.


Additional Features


Multi-Shot, Bolt Action, PCP Hunting Air Rifle

Up to 32 consistent shots per fill

Adjustable, two-stage, match-grade trigger

10-round magazine delivers fast follow up shots

Rifled, shrouded barrel

31.7 foot pounds of energy (fpe)

Dovetail mounting rail

Sling mounts


Additional features

Multi-Shot, Bolt Action, PCP Hunting Air Rifle
Delivers up to 32 consistent shots per fill
.25 caliber: Up to 900 fps, 50 foot pounds of energy (fpe)
.22 caliber: Up to 1000 fps, 31.7 fpe
.177 caliber: Up to 1100 fps, 21 fpe
Adjustable, two-stage, match-grade trigger
Auto-indexing magazine delivers fast follow up shots:
10-round magazine for .177 caliber
10-round magazine for .22 caliber
8-round magazine for .25 caliber
Rifled, shrouded barrel
Dovetail mounting rail
Sling mounts