Avian-X AVX8008 Fuel The Madness LCD Camo Hen Breeder Turkey Decoy

  • $74.99

There is nothing like a mating hen to cause an old Tom to cast aside his suspicions, 

and the Hen Breeder Turkey Decoy will bring in the boys. 

The relaxed body with exposed rump and dropped wings pairs with accurate feather detail in a no-flake paint to create an attractive mating hen. 

It is easy to set this decoy in the field with the portable, collapsible Dura-Rubber body. 

The Zink Avian X® Breeder has been updated for 2014 hunting season.



Breeding hen turkey decoy

Realistic anatomical detail that speaks to the actual body language of turkeys

Lowered head and forward stretching body

Receptive and relaxed pose with exposed rump and dropped wings to attract mating Toms

No-flake paint with true-to-life feather detail lasts through numerous seasons

Collapsible Dura-Rubber body for easy portability into the field

Pairs nicely with a Jake to appeal to dominant turkeys

Includes an O.D. drawstring carry bag and a folding motion stake