AmeriStep Distorter 3 Person Kickout Ground Blind (Mossy Oak Country)

  • $249.99

Your perception of the ideal blind is about to get distorted. 

The Distorter™ utilizes new kick-out technology to introduce a completely re-envisioned design with benefits both inside and outside the blind. 

The kick-outs create a unique silhouette that blends in better than typical square blinds. 

3D Edge ReLeaf® trim further aids the blind’s concealability by breaking up hard lines with a leafy texture.

Step inside via the completely silent hinge door, and you’ll never want to leave. 

The floor kick-outs provide ample storage space, and add extra room for bulky equipment like camera tripods 

– allowing you to get as close to the windows as possible. 

The dual roof kick-outs add height where you need it, perfect for bow-hunting or improved visibility from the standing position. 

All three wall kick-outs have an attached floor and sewn-in shelves to keep gear dry and at the ready.


Unique silhouette blends into environment better than square blinds

Three floor kick-outs offer ample additional storage space 

Two roof kick-outs create more standing room and better shot for bows

New silent door for stealthy entry and exit

Silent mesh window covers and window flaps for silent adjustment of viewing options

Organic, natural window openings blend into environment

Mesh windows on roof improve visibility

Blind wrap carry sling doubles as gear storage inside blind

Patented 3D Edge ReLeaf™ trim breaks up hard edges for a fully brushed-in look

Large main window improves maneuverability and accommodates bows

Durable 150D fabric