Bloodsport Wraith Turkey Lopper Fixed Blade 125 Grain Stainless Steel Broadhead

  • $19.99

The Wraith System from Bloodsport® provides archers with the ability to customize a universal ferrule depending on each hunter’s game and Broadhead preference. 

Featuring an innovative “scoopetail” ferrule, the Wraith system accepts various blades for big game species and allows for re-use of ferrules shot after shot. 

The Turkey Lopper Value Pack offers a 2 3/8” cutting diameter and reverse angle blades, specifically for head shots on turkeys.


Wraith Turkey Lopper Value Pack 3-Blade Fixed Blade Broadhead – 125 Grain

Oversized reverse angle blades specifically for head shots on turkeys

Cut on contact bone-splitting tip for increased penetrating capabilities

2 3/8” cutting diameter for less missed head shots on turkeys

100% stainless steel construction

Model: 10785


Brand : BloodSport