Airforce TalonP .25 Caliber PCP Air Pistol with Spin-Loc Tank

  • $539.95

Our most compact airgun to date. This little pistol is a great companion. 

Throw it in a pack, the back of the truck, or across your back 

and you have a .25 cal powerhouse that will go anywhere you do. 

We love the TalonP, its that airgun that always makes you smile. 

Throw a red dot on top with one of our Picatinny rail adapters and you have a great plinker, 

or use a long eye relief scope and 

you have a pistol capable of 100+ yard shots on prairie dogs and small game. 

This little .25 packs as much power as out competitors full size .25 cal rifles in a package 

that weighs just over 4lbs. 

The TalonP is an airgun that belongs in every airgunners collection, 

and once you try one its easy to see why this has been one of our top selling models.



25 Caliber Lothar Walther Barrel



Pressure Relief Device

Adjustable Power

Available in Original Black Finish

Velocity: 500-900 feet per second (Depending pellet weight, and power setting)

Power Adjustment: User-adjustable

Maximum Fill Pressure: 3000 psi

Action: Single shot

Weight: 4.3 lbs.

Length: User Adjustable 27.75-32.25 inches

Barrel: 12 inches

Trigger: 2-stage adjustable for position

Sights: Open or optical sights may be installed

Air Tank Volume: 213cc

Safety: Automatic on cocking

Energy: Up to 50 foot pounds*

* Depending on caliber, pellet weight, and power setting