Scent Blocker Women's Sola Arctic Weight Baselayer Pants in Grey (Size: XL)

  • $59.99

The Scent Blocker Sola Women's S3 Arctic Weight Baselayer Pant has an elastic waistband and flat seams ensuring wearing comfort. 

Arctic Weight Baselayer brings a premium high-pile fleece, made of 100% polyester, 

in action to provide excellent insulation and heat retention, along with an equivalent wicking capacity. 

This pant also utilize the S3™ Silver Anti-Microbial Technology to keep away stinks or odors by preventing the growth of any odor-causing bacteria. 

Sola Women's S3 Arctic Weight Baselayer Pant Features:

S3™ Silver Anti-Microbial Technology 

- Inhibits the Growth of Odor-Causing Bacteria

4 Direction Stretch™ 

- Provides Superior Comfort, Fit & Freedom of Movement

Comfort Fit Elasticized Waistband

100% Polyester High-Pile Fleece 

- Superlative Insulation, Heat Retention & Wicking Capacity

Flat Seams for Comfort

System Layer One