Scent Blocker Shield Series Men's S3 Wooltex Parka in Realtree Max-1 XT (L, XL)

  • $129.99

The Wooltex hooded parka is the perfect solution for hunters that need warmth without bulk. 

This exclusive wool blend/poly fleece generates an amazing warmth-to-weight ratio while our WindBlocker™ technology keeps drafts out.

-----S3® silver antimicrobial technology

     For odor prevention

-----WindBlocker® windproof lining

     Keeps you cool and dry

-----Polyester/wool blended shell fabric

     Provides quiet comfort and warmth

-----Adjustable waist

     To lock in warmth

-----Three piece hood

     With cord lock adjusters

-----Three pockets (1 chest & 2 waist)

     For storage and warmth