Scent Blocker Mens S3 Expedition Weight Base Layer Black Wool Pants (Size: 2XL)

  • $49.99

Merino™ Wool 

- Provides Natural Temperature Regulation & Moisture Management

S3™ Silver Anti-Microbial Technology 

- Inhibit the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria

Cozy Brushed Fleece Inside

Micro-Wick™ Technology 

- Disperse Moisture Away, Regulate Temperatures & Enhance Comfort.

Rear Zipper Pocket 

- Provides Storage & Accessibility to the Essentials

4 Direction Stretch™ 

- Provides Superior Comfort, Fit & Freedom of Movement

Expedition Weight 310 gsm Merino Wool Blend Fabric

Action Rise and Thighs for Climbing & Sitting

Front Fly

Airdot Elastic Waistband Enable Airflow for Comfort